Strategies for Finding a Job as a Developer.

Being unemployed can be a stressful experience, especially when you’re looking for a job in a specialized field like software development. Whether you’re changing careers or trying to make your way into the tech industry, finding a job as a developer requires dedication and persistence. Here are some tips to help you go from unemployed to employed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Update Your Resume and Online Portfolios

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Network with Other Developers

Networking is essential for finding employment opportunities in any field, but it becomes even more important when searching for jobs in specialized industries like software development. You can use sites such as GitHub and Stack Overflow to connect with other developers who may have insight into open positions or companies that are hiring developers. Additionally, attending conferences related to development could give you an edge because it provides an opportunity to meet people face-to-face who might be able to help you find employment.


Landing a job as a developer requires hard work and dedication but it can definitely be done if the right steps are taken. Make sure your resume is updated regularly and always have an online portfolio ready so potential employers can see what kind of projects you've worked on in the past. Networking is also key; connect with other developers on social media sites such as GitHub or attend tech conferences that focus on software development so that you can meet new people who might have connections or advice about open positions at their company or another company they know of that's hiring developers. With some hard work and persistence, hopefully soon enough you'll go from unemployed to employed!

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