Do I Need A Degree To Be A Web Designer?

There is alot of debate on whether or not you need a degree to be successful in web design. Having a degree shows that you have commitment and dedication to learn, which is essential for this career path. Also, experience and talent is the true master over degrees on the big flip side. So what is the actual answer..? Let us take a look at both sides of the argument

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What does it take to be a web designer?

Arguement A: Having the degree

Having a degree usually means that you have access to more resources than those without one. For example, if you are considering attending school for web design, you will likely have access to professors who can teach you the essentials of coding, help you develop your technical skills, and provide guidance throughout your education.

Furthermore, having a degree from an accredited program can also give your resume a boost when applying for jobs. It shows potential employers that you have taken the time and effort to deepen your knowledge about web design and technology in general

Arguement B: Using experience

On the other hand, having real-world experience can suffice if you do not have the degree that counts in the field. Having experience building websites or coding applications is invaluable when it comes to job applications and staying competitive in this field. That being said, gaining this type of experience can be difficult if you don’t already have contacts within the industry such as web development experts or hiring managers at tech companies.

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argument image

Additionally, some companies may be less willing to take on someone with no prior experience even if they do possess an impressive academic background in web design.

This being said...

At the end of the day, it really depends on what kind of career path you want to take as a web designer; having both real-world experience and an education in this field will generally work best but it is certainly possible to succeed without either one or both by working hard and staying up-to-date with current trends. Whether you choose to pursue formal education or hone your skills through self-directed learning or personal projects, make sure that whatever choice feels right for you is something that will help further your career goals in the long run!