Our Project


Project Overview

Rent Direct contacted us to create a website that championed and promoted their service as past endeavours with previous web developers was unsuccessful. We were able to change content, design and produce a platform for sales generation. With such changes, Rent Direct was extremely happy as a company with our service.


Client consultation many web developers in the past in order for a website to be created to promote the companies service. As the objective was to produce awareness as well as generate enquiries and induce customer traffic in order to generate sales. However, this was not achieved as the client was disappointed with the previous efforts, proving to not be cost effective and time-consuming. In addition, the design of the website did not resonate with the companies brand equity.


The challenge was to build a contemporary visual website which reflected the companies efforts and objective, in promoting and advertising their existence of providing rental management to their target base. Making sure that the website interface was transferable and translated on all electronic devices platform was imperative. As this allows synergy and creates inclusiveness of the website.

Project Goals and Objectives

There were certain design objectives that needed to be materialised in order to represent the company brand. Such included

    • the optimisation of the website which steered users to make a purchase as well as enquiries.
    • produce a website that was simple to navigate by design which is appealing to the eye.  This would be reflected in the colors and imagery used. Such as black and gold which linked to the company’s brand colours.
    • ensuring that the website depicted that it was a London based brand and the company operated within London, using the image of the London skyscraper view in the backdrop to promote this. Confirming to the users and making them aware that the company is London based service.


The resolution was to build a website that was to design a bespoke website from the beginning using the latest programmes such as WordPress, PHP, CSC framework and Bootstrap 5. In order to achieve this, we recruited both a national and international team of highly skilled professionals. Working across all several project management platforms and communication channels including but not limited to Asana, Monday and Skype.


The client was indeed happy with the service that we as a company currently provide. With this, the project is still ongoing as we continue to work with them to meet their needs and objectives in producing a website that catered to and promoted their services.

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