Our Project


Project Overview

The hustle of making online purchases and getting your items delivered sometimes is more of a worry than satisfaction. There is a need to develop an easy means of performing the functions of identifying buyers, sellers and delivery services all on one website. Masoma.me is an ongoing revolutionary website development project that will ensure fast, safe and convenient online vending. It is a delivery app that will cut down the hustle of sellers, buyers and delivery agents around the world. It is being integrated into a system that will give you access to close delivery services so you don’t have to wait forever for your items to be picked up or delivered to you. You don’t have to use multiple applications to perform the functions of online trading. Find all these operations on one user-friendly website.


Masoma.me is an automated delivery web service that will handle the tedious processes of making an order, searching for a delivery van, or locating a seller or buyer. It is bringing all these isolated processes under one unique online service for convenience worldwide. You don’t have to get lost while delivering or picking up your items. You also don’t have to wait for a delivery van that is miles away from you, just because the application you are using does not measure proximity.

Project Goals and Objectives

This is a website that is going to reduce the struggles of buyers, sellers and delivery services. Looking at the hustle of having to wait countless hours for a pick up to be done, we seek to develop an easy and convenient way of accessing delivery services. We hope to bring buyers or sellers of products or services closer to each other. Masoma.me will cut down the time spent on online trading with more rapid response systems.


We are developing a website that is going to make digital marketing and shopping very easy and fast. we are carefully infusing systems that will make accessibility safer and more convenient. This website will be a solution to the day to day hustles of having to search for delivery services and being unable to locate buyers or sellers. We are putting in every measure and method relevant to ensure proper functionality.


We hope to in no time develop a website that will serve our customers better. Masoma.me is here to make life easy and bring our markets to our doorsteps. Shopping will be more convenience for everyone involved. There will be more happy buyers, sellers and delivery persons than before.

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