Our Project

Black Ink

Project Overview

Black Ink Global 9BIG) contacted us to create a website that highlighted their unique authentic coded robot as well as originate a design that implified the services they provide. All was done with a team that enforced such creativity, as the project is still in process after several months of work. BIG are extremely happy as a company with our service and the progress made so far.


Client objective is to build a cryptocurrency company website that reflects the current marketplace. As Black Ink Global has created a design of a coded robot which allows users to automatically place bids on the cryptocurrency fluctuations. As here they will be able to have an insight into the going on of the exchange.


The challenge was to create a website whereby there would be an increase in customer site visitation and sign ups, resulting to lead sales generated. As well as detailed adequate explanation and understanding of the function and nature of the coded robot for crypto minded users to digest.

Project Goals and Objectives

The hustle of making online purchases and getting your items delivered sometimes is more of a worry than satisfaction. There is a need to develop an easy means of performing the functions of identifying buyers, sellers and delivery services all on one website. Masoma.me is an ongoing revolutionary website development project that will ensure fast, safe and convenient online vending.  It is a delivery app that will cut down the hustle of sellers, buyers and delivery agents around the world. It is being integrated into a system that will give you access to close delivery services so you don’t have to wait forever for your items to be picked up or delivered to you. You don’t have to use multiple applications to perform the functions of online trading. Find all these operations on one user-friendly website.


The resolution was to build a website that was to design a bespoke website from the beginning using the latest programmes such as WordPress, PHP, CSC framework and Bootstrap 5. In order to achieve this, we recruited both a national and international team of highly skilled professionals. Working across all several project management platforms and communication channels including but not limited to Asana, Monday and Skype.


The client was indeed happy with the service that we as a company currently provide. With this, the project is still ongoing as we continue to work with them to meet their needs and objectives in producing a website that catered to and promoted their services.

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