Our Project


Project Overview

A client had a need to maintain a top-notch online brand to grow his business. He identified us as the best web solutions company to be able to deliver to his expectations. In a space of one week, we had to create a cutting edge website that defined his brand and made others identify with it as well. We worked tirelessly with our team of both local and international experts to deliver as expected. We completed the project in the space of a week as agreed with the client. He was happy with the work done and expressed his delight in making that choice of working with us.


The project was to create a single page landing site for our marketing partner. This was to be a one of a kind single page website, clearly defining their functions as a marketing company. It basically had to contain all details and relevant information about their products and services as a brand. This was to enable them to attract more customers who would identify with their line of operations, and grow their business while growing that of their customers as well.


The client required the page to be ready within a week with maximum speed and responsiveness. We had to create that A-rated website in a shorter period than usual. Working with team members spread all around the world, we had to be accommodating of the different time zones. This mounted some pressure on us to meet our deadline while delivering excellence as is our hallmark.

Project Goals and Objectives

The aim of the task was to build a site that delivered a clear marketing message. This was to allow our client’s customers recognize the brand. It was also needed to grow their social media following and to maintain an unparalleled online presence. We needed to clearly define the brand for our client to attract local business.


As required by our brand as a leading web solutions provider, we had to build our clients a clean modern cutting edge website. The site had to be highly responsive while clearly defining their brand, to meet their project objectives of maximizing their operations.


We met our deadline. The website was ready and running in the stipulated time duration of one week as agreed with the client. He was very happy with the work we did and absolutely loved the outlook of his website. He looked forward to working with us on further projects he had coming up. He was gladly going to recommend us to others to also experience our exceptional services.

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